Written and Directed by Anna Simone Scott

starring Lisa London & Ronnie Marmo

produced  by Peter Sands & VisionFire Films

Mona's stuck in a tawdry job as a dancer and lives with her mechanic boyfriend, Sugar, who won't commit but doesn't want Mona to leave him either. Mona however, plans to hit the open road and find her real Momma whom she never knew. In a surprising twist, Sugar proves he has ultimate control.


FILM Festivals

Central Florida Film Festival

NYC International Film Festival, NY

Garden State Film Festival, NJ

Great Lakes Film Festival, PA 

Directors’ Circle Film Festival, PA

Silicon Beach Film Festival, CA

EL CID Short Film Night, CA



 BEST ACTRESS in a short: NYC International Film Festival


BEST COMEDY: Great Lakes International Film Festival


           AUDIENCE AWARD NOMINATION: Garden State Film Festival


   BEST COMEDY SHORT : Great Lakes International FF, PA

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