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Female-centric western drama
based on the Award winning short and Film Festival  favorite,

Story by: Terri Sissman 
Terri Sissman &              
                   Anna Simone Scott
Set in Wyoming.
To  be filmed in New Mexico.

Script ready!

Literary Rep:
Metropolis Artists Agency


salt creek poster.jpg


A hauntingly beautiful story about a broken family in the American West. As lies and ties are unearthed, this multi-generational family is driven farther apart and untimately brought together by twists of fate.

The narrative is infused with the magical realism of the dessert and an unguarded humanity intrinsic to these vivid, complicated and thorny characters.

Of Corsica

Genre: Adventure-Comedy


A British writer known for her formulaic romance novels, intends to up her game by writing a political drama about Napoleon. She travels to Corsica with her husband who is in the ealry stages of dementia. While researching Ajaccio, Napoleon's birth place, her husband goes missing. A wild search through the mountains and streets of Ajaccio eventually lands them in a crazy art heist along with a young couple from Los Angeles.

Location: France

When art competes with love, lust and winning. 

Adapted from a classic play.

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